The government of Somaliland has called for something to be done about the Red Sea crisis

Hargeisa (Qaran news)- A press release from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of Somaliland called for something to be done about the crisis in the Red Sea.
The press release reads as follows:
“The government of the Republic of Somaliland is calling for immediate action to be taken to resolve the tension in the Red Sea.

Somaliland is closely monitoring the worsening security situation in the Red Sea.

The renewed tension in the Red Sea threatens the maritime security and stability of the region as well as the lives of millions of people who depend on the maritime trade routes .

In this press release, we urge all parties concerned to give priority to diplomacy, dialogue and resolution of any disputes. We believe that the crisis can be resolved through a cooperative process that prioritizes maritime security and respects international law,
and that works to address the root causes of conflict and political instability in the region.

The press release also stated that Somaliland is calling on regional and international stakeholders to play an effective role in easing the crisis and to support diplomatic efforts.

The Government of Somaliland is committed to welcoming friends who wish to participate in our maritime security efforts to ensure that the Red Sea remains a safe waterway for all vessels to navigate