The issue of the sea gate is not a matter of interest for Ethiopia, but of existence: – Ambassador Redwan Hussain

Ambassador Redwan Hussain, Security Adviser to the Prime Minister, said that Ethiopia’s efforts to get a sea gate is not a matter of need but of survival.

Military attachés of various countries and international institutions who have been stationed in Addis Ababa have been briefed on current security issues.

Ambassador Redwan Hussain, Security Adviser to the Prime Minister; They gave a wide explanation regarding the sea gate agreement between Ethiopia and Somaliland.
Following the agreement reached, he pointed out that misinformation that was not intended was spread and said that the issue of Bahir Ber is not a matter of interest for Ethiopia, but of survival.

He explained that it has been conducting its revenue and expenditure business through the port of Djibouti for more than three decades; He said that it is important to find alternatives according to the current national and international situation.

He mentioned that Ethiopia has sacrificed its life for the peace and security of Somalia and confirmed that it will cooperate with Somalia and other neighboring countries based on benefits.
He explained that the Memorandum of Understanding with Somaliland was aimed at responding to the growing population and economy, not to harm anyone.

Regarding the implementation of the Pretoria agreement, he mentioned that the government is working with determination and from allocating an annual budget to the region, they have been providing services by repairing the infrastructures that were completely and partially destroyed in the war.

With this, including roads and bridges, banks, telecoms and other social services have been started, he said.

He also pointed out that he is working with determination to ensure accountability by strengthening the necessary evidence against the perpetrators of the war in the region.

He also mentioned that various international partners are providing support for the rehabilitation of the region and the victims.

Ambassador Redwan explained that the government is working with determination to make the peace agreement fully implemented

He explained that the security problem in the Amhara region has been brought under control by the defense and security forces of the region.

He said that the government has no intention of solving any problem through dialogue and negotiation, and has repeatedly called for peace to the militants operating in the region.

He explained that there is a peaceful movement in the region at present.

He explained that different operations are being carried out in the Oromia region to carry out similar security operations.

He said that such organizations have no purpose other than terrorizing the people and protecting their own interests.

He said that a body that makes armed movement an option should also be prepared and discussed through the National Consultative Commission.

Major General Gemechu was appointed as the Director General of Foreign Relations and Military Cooperation of the Ministry of Defence. The military attachés and international institutions in the north expressed their gratitude for the cooperation that is contributing to Ethiopia’s peace and development.

The military attachés also stated that they can get real information from the relevant government officials and defense military leaders to clear the false propaganda spread on social media regarding Ethiopia’s current security situation.

The military attachés of each country stated that they received accurate information about the current security situation in Ethiopia.

ESA reported that the commitment shown by the government, the defense forces and the people of Ethiopia to maintain peace and security should be strengthene

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