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Hargeisa, 11/04/2023- As the Ministry of Finance, we are clarifying to the public that there is no financial concern at this time.
Although there are economic situations that we have in the region, the world in general and our own ones like the Sool war, they are not as exaggerating. And we assure the community that there are no financial burdens. According to the financial performance report of last year 2022 which we have just published on the website of the Ministry {} the total revenue of the previous year {2022} is higher than that of 2021. 4% which is equivalent to 86 billion In terms of spending, based on the report, the government has cut 95% of the discretionary spending.
When we report the Central Government revenue for the last quarter of January-March, 2023 the total actual revenue is above the revenue target by 2%, according to the quarterly report. that we have published on our website.
In addition, all the activities related to spending and revenue collection have been going smoothly until now, and there has been no interruption at all, as government employees and the military receive their salaries regularly.
It is also worth noting that we assure the community that there is no decline in the activities of the International Market in Berbera as shown in the report of the statistics of goods that have landed or left in the last two months.
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Department of Public Relations and Information