Somaliland is an independent country in the horn of Africa it is a country with about five(5)milion inhabitants his people are 100% sunni muslims.
They are mannered and helpful people who love peace and development they are people who treat neighboring countries and people of the world well.
It is the people who consulted themselves without the help of their government or any one else they are self confident people who are looking forward to a better future and development.

People of somaliland are still looking for a good leader who is free from corruption and bribery,tribalism,nepotism,favoritism,and exploitation man by man.

In conculusion:-
Since 1991,five (5)presidents and their five governments have passed through Somaliland all of them were working only for their interests and did not care about the nationwide.May allah give the people a good leader,i pray for Somaliland.

The people of the Republic of Somaliland has been searching for a good leader since 1991 and still haven’t found it.

Highly regards.
Yusuf Janale
Oslo Norway.