I remember the war between Pakistan and India in the year 1971 which resulted the disaster defeat of Pakistan well equiped armed forces.
The immediate cause was when pakistan tried to crackdown the bengali people living in east pakistan who wanted to separate their territoy from the rest of pakistan( present-day Bangladesh).
India was directly opposed the brutality killings by the pakistani army who launched a crackdown against Bengalicivilians,students,intellectuals and armed personell in east pakistan(Bangladesh).

On Dec 3rd 1971 India decided to defend the bengali people of east pakistan militarily and war brokeout between India and Pakistan.
After heavy war was started pakistan military was easily and badly defeated on 16th Dec 1971 the war was going only 13 days.
The pakistani Armed forces in the east was surrendered to Indian Military and admitted defeat.
When pakistan lost the war East Pakistan(Bengladesh) declared its independence as sovereign new state headed by president Mujibu Rahman.

What happened when pakistan was defeated?

The president of pakistan addressed the nation to the radio and television( his statement-I am your president General Yahya Khan i am sorry i admit defeat and pakistan lost the war with India and i took reponsibility of the defeat) i fired the defence minister,Army chief,officers who led the war in such a bad dirty way that caused to the defeat.as a president of the nation i have resigned..bye..bye.
Thanks all

Yusuf Abdilahi Janale