The presidential candidate of the National Party and the leaders of the party visited 23 young girls in Gabilay prison and gave them a donation.

National Party candidate Dr. Abdirahan Mohamed Abdillahi (Cirro) and an officer of the National Party led by him visited the Gabilay City Prison, 23 girls, all of them young, who were arrested for the peaceful protest of the opposition parties.
These girls, whose ages range from 17 to 30 years old, were university students, mothers, some were mothers and some were brides. Some of the girls did not know about the protest and some of them came from work and were listed in the market.
The candidate for the President of the National Party listened to a report from the arresting officers and the Commander of Gabilay Prison, he also observed the living conditions of the Prisoners and 23 girls, the party leaders accompanying the candidate and the candidate Dr. Abdirahman Mohamed Abdullahi spoke about the feelings of their visit to the 23 girls, and they told them that the history should be remembered for the process and the lack of trial to appreciate that the law of the country has not entered anywhere.
On their part, the 23 girls expressed their happiness at the visit of the National Candidate, they informed about the manner in which they were held and how they were treated and thanked the officials of Gabilay Prison.
It is worth noting that they suffered 3 diseases in prison and were treated, asking the leaders of the National Party to get justice.
The conclusion of the National Party candidate Dr. Abdirahman Mohamed Abdillahi handed over to the inmates of Gabilay Prison a donation of 10 cattle and a Tulud camel.