Writen by Qaran News |

The Opposition’s main role is to question the government of the day and hold them accountable to the public. We must understand National Popposition parties represent an alternative government in their own sense and existence and are responsible for challenging the policies of the current government and producing different policies where appropriate. The opposition parties officials should also realise that they are responsible for representing the public at state functions, meetings with dignitaries and digging out the ills of public service that require to be addressed.

Attitudes to the role of the Leaders of the Opposition should be taken into account by people who wish to anticipate what the Oppostion might do. There may just be shades of meaning, as the public may see when thinking about the views on the role by the opposition

The opposition parties own attitudes can influence outcomes, as it is crucial to watch that space. The way opposition parties work together can shift the wind and Increase the chances of winning the hearts of the people.

If opposition party doesn’t carry its national responsibility through every aspect of the country’s current status quo, what does the opposition party stand for?”

The success of opposition lies in where they stand in the issues which cannot be compromised and what role they take in all situations that matters most.

The public will be weighing what role Wadani Party will play in the scandalous issues such as DP World investment project and UAE’s expected Military Base at Berbera Airport.

Making statements without actions can not change and shape anything. History can only be changed by actions, coupled with a vision.

By: Jana Falaag
Hargeisa, Somaliland