In the country of “I have been a mujahid”, he who hasn’t trained or tamed his animality only reaps Somaliland fruits. The rest is playing the marbles.

In secrets of Somaliland state, animality is by definition the ego and arragance that leads one’s mind and desire to own by hook and crook more than what is not rightfully his/her due.

When Faqash forces have been flushed out of Somaliland, SNM returned to its former factional allies, probably two factions: A faction which laid down its arms to resume normal life and used to say “peace when the ignorants speak” and another faction which virtually stuck to its arms to gain power and used to say “what peace” when members ot peace-loving faction speak. (Qolo hubkii iska dhigtay si ay ugu naaloodaan noloshii caadiga ahayd, oo odhan jiray markay hadlaan jaahiliintu “NABADEEY” iyo qolo hubkii aan dhigin oo xukun doon ahayd, odhanna jiray “NABADEE” markay hadlaan qolada nabada jeclayd).

The former faction came to realise that the cause and concern for SNM struggle had come to an end, while the latter faction was of the opinion that the struggle had not still finished and more rounds were yet to be

The extent to which a man begins to know himself is the extent to which his animality declines. Today the true picture in Somaliland signifies the reality that the reward of what SNM fought for is just reaped by the faction whose animality didn’t decline but instead inclined.

The faction whose animality inclined is the one which stuck to its arms and now its members are in power, while the faction that laid down its arms is the one whose members have kissed the dust when their lust for privileges and power declined.

The difference between the two factions is that one faction couldn’t rationalize the urge to involve itself in further killings and chaos, for its members didn’t worry about being had by cynical manipulation of politics, and that was underestimation; while in fact the other faction rationalized the urge to attain power at any cost.

Before Somaliland liberation from the military regime, there were factional alliances rooted in differences based not on an enlightened political ideology but on prejudices within SNM sectors and that was normal, but at a time when nothing workable was there, the whole country was devastated by war and SNM’s transformation,
as a rebel group, into a transitional government moving from a stateless environment to a nation/state-building process was an obligation,
breaking into two opposing factions was
a poor decision that was far off from the possibility to remake and refashion Somaliland’s social and political order system.

If every society strives for social order in order to mantain stability and provide a strong and viable social system, why Somaliland public figures who are in power always reluctant to strive for a viable social order system, a strong and fair system in which every citizen receives his/her dues? Why Somaliland high ranking officials act as if they are above the law and lead this nation as they want?

Integrity builds confidence; transparency creates trust; morality measures the living conscience; sincerity is a litmus test for gauging character; attitude weighs how one handles problems; in life, attutude and intelligence are everything.

The social order system that lacks all that base that makes life elegant and attractive is meaningless and mindless trash. Any social order system that is empty of the means and measures to ensure whether it is growing or retarding, moving forward or backward, mobile or immobile is futureless.

Consider evolutionary process of Somaliland government system. Is it a friendly system? Or is it a fooling system? The system is not fooling the public; the people who manage it are fooling the people. That is, the problem is not the system. The problem is not either Somaliland social order system. The real problem is with those who occupy the offices of all government institutions. They are not interesting to create an instruction-led system, leave alone self-correcting or self-stabilizing one – which means a system where deviations from any initial position lead to reactions which tend to return the system to equilibrium.

The minister is in a meeting; the director is on conference-call; the coordinator is on a tour; the mayors are not in their offices; the elected counsels are somewhere around; and the staff of all offices are on training; these are the regular routines citizens encounter with in every government. Where the progress will come when those who are in the government offices work that way?

Success measures capability; a crisis tests an individual’s or institution’s maturity and resilience. Maturity is the capacity to manage your own problens or the problems that you are assigned to solve without guidance from someone else.

Waddani party’s general convention which was held on 21.09.2021 in Hargeisa city at Maansoor Hotel has been convention that allows us to recall and remember. The conference was one that measured the two mujahid’s mentality and mindset.

Principally, the conference was crucial for
the growth of Waddani party’s organizational structures as a political party. Politically, it
was the most significant party convention that ever held in Somaliland with respect to the fundamental foundations on which Somaliland political parties are built.

In a sense, the convention was a nuclear bomb that hit Somaliland presidential palace and political system. It was a convention that demanded the emergence of a sagacious leader who could prescribe an elixir of renewal and the way forward through a tense and aspirational period in Waddani’s political history and power struggle. Who is that leader?

He is Mr Hirsi Haji Ali, president Siilaanyo’s former minister of presidency, the man who has become the bone that entered in Muse Biixi’s throat; a corrigated bone which no doctor could get it out of throat.

How the mujahids saw Mr Hirsi when he became Waddani party chairman? They saw
Mr Hirsi as a rebel that will remove them from Somaliland power; a lion that roared out of thin air with the aim of attacking them in the near future; a jigsaw puzzle that the mujahids can never put it together; a force that will make
them run amok; a heavy rain accompanied by
a moving wind that can let them run without cloth. The approach and attitude of the two mujahids proved that Mr Hirsi is all about that.

Bright leaders deal problems with the right mix of common sense and conviction. Poor leaders deal political problems with the mixture of resentment and revenge.

The designation of Mr Hirsi as Waddani Party Chairman has caused the conflict over 2022 presidential election. It is a litmus test for gauging the mujahid’s competency and capability as leaders.

Observing and analysing the current political situation in Somaliland, the conflict will go on, the consequences will be great, the hope will not remain alive, the dreams will fade away; whoever imagines otherwise must have read a spellbook.

In the country of ‘”I have been a mujahid”,
how many cars, how many people, how
many ministers and how many government dept. heads must accompany the mujahids when they are paying a visit to districts and regions of the republic is a question that the public can ask their government. How much money will be spent in a recent tour to Borama, Gabiley and Burco without a particular national plan.

To be continued…..
By : Jamafalaag
Hargeisa, Somaliland

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