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 Somaliland existed long before 1960 and received its independence before most African countries including Somalia and Djibouti. Somaliland, without a doubt, is the only country of the five Somalis which sincerely sought the unification of all Somalis. Somalilanders participated in the struggle for independence in the most famous patriotic songs and poetry. But these feelings and nationalistic spirit resulted the bombing of the country and its inhabitants lived in refugee camps in Ethiopia. I witnessed the aerial bombardment of war planes in the city of Hargeisa in 1988. However, Somaliland survived the upheaval, massacre and the atrocities which besieged many countries in the world and the never ending killing which is happening in Somalia. Since 1991 there are people who thought Somaliland will crumble and will not survive, but day after day its strength and development are mo


Dahir Omar Salah