BREAKING NEWS – The real conversation: The Ugandan Government officially releases the real conversation.

Major highlights on meeting between President Museveni and Dr Jama Musse Jama, the Special Envoy from Somaliland at State House Entebbe on September 23rd 2023;

Dr Jama delivered a request to President Museveni to take lead as a guarantor of dialogue between Somaliland and Somalia in their long-standing disagreements where Somaliland maintains its position as non-secessionist but rather seeking to restore its independence in accordance with its 1960s colonial borders.

President Museveni has been invited as a neutral party to facilitate the dialogue and ensure its outcomes are respected, noting that Uganda has played a significant role in promoting peace and security in Somalia.

Dr Jama confirmed that Somaliland wishes to join the ongoing development of the EAC and requested President Museveni to support them in this cause. Therefore, it is urgent to resolve the disagreements in order for the entire Somali people to unlock their potential for economic development.