Can war be the solution to bring peace in
certain instances? History appears to answer this provocative question with a heretical yes.

The exemplary instance is what happened to Siyad Barre regime and to all Somalis as a whole when SNM forces ran over what was previously known as North Somalia in 1988, thanks to remember the era of robber barons, rampant corruption, callousness, covetousness, clannish rule, cronyism and covert operations of arbitrary arrests.

Yes, war is the best solution to bring peace, when pride and prejudice make some factions of a nation astray and when some people reject to live side by side in peace, harmony and fraternity with their neighbours, when an evil faction of entire communities that share blood, culture and country come to believe their own nonsense that they are more than what really they are not. Yes, war is a solution to unrealistic claim by some inhabitants in Sool region for not being part of where they historically and hereditarily belong to.

The only win-win solution to Lasanod issue can come when Dhulbahante militias and those who support them for fear laydown their arms and surrender unconditionally to S/land government, and retreat from their stand or declaration to be an autonomy region under Federal government of Somalia and in turn re-inform, re-declare and re-affirm in the eyes of the contemporary world that Dhulbagante and their Fiqishini allies are part and parcel of Somaliland country.

Reality teaches logic. And logic, in its simplest form, is common sense. Humans can longer be kept in darkness. All Somalis and international communities are fully aware that Somaliland has its own army and police forces, its own coast guard, its own demcractically elected legislative body, its own democractically elected executive head of a state, its own judiciary body, its own constitution, its own house of elders, its own currency, and its own undisputed boarders with neighbouring countries and thus completing all legal requirements of a soverign state.

He who denies this reality on the ground should have made a ring to a devil who responded to him to make wrong to a get a reaction from the hell.

Lasanod is now in hell and he who wants to get it out of the horrific hell should come to angles of heaven who are ready to give a helping hand to humans in crises – S/land is where the future lies.

S/land, Hargeisa.

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