They killed their housemaid and froze her body in the Freezer

Joanna Daniela Demafelis left her country and traveled thousands of miles away to Kuwait to earn a good living but recently she was found dead. Her body was found in a freezer in Kuwait.

Interpol came into action and was in search of her employer. The employer family consists of a Lebanese man Nader Issam Assaf and his Syrian wife Mona Hassoun.

Assaf fled Kuwait with his wife and two children and her apartment was locked, the apartment owner recently got court permission to enter the apartment.

A Kuwaiti court sentenced in absentia the Lebanese man and his Syrian wife to death by hanging over the murder of a Filipina maid, a judicial source said.

The worker Demafelis was reported missing 2 days before the family fled Kuwait. After the investigation, the officers and the relatives believe that this crime might be committed by Assaf’s wife who was a strict lady and she totally had control over her Husband.


Assaf was brought up by her parental aunt in Beirut. Her aunt told that it is impossible to believe that her nephew could kill anyone. This crime might be committed by his wife as she is a strict and edgy lady and his nephew always feared her.

While covering this news, I really have goosebumps. When we bring a housemaid from her home country, a mother leaves her children, a daughter leaves her parents, a wife leaves her husband and a sister leaves her brother.