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Visit Somaliland And Savor The Experience

It is often mentioned in North America, the most affordable vacation is one or two weeks jaunt to Cuba. It crossed my mind as I planned my winter vacation. For the past 5 years I have traveled to East Africa once a year.

In an ideal world l would travel twice a year to Somaliland. Time and finances do not permit that. However, I can manage a week long trip to Cuba in mid winter. This got me thinking on all the magnificent sites and sounds of Somaliland that one can visit on a few weeks vacation.

If you have covered Somaliland from Lowyacadde to the Daalo Mountains to the beaches of Berbera and Batalale. If you have covered Hawd and drank fresh camel milk. If the caves of Las Gael have left you astounded, you may be thinking I have covered the length and breadth of Somaliland.

My friend, you have not, not by a long shot. The country needs to seen to be believed. Sights for the senses; unspoiled, pristine landscape that calls to you. An adventure at every turn.

As always it is the people that make or break a country. In Somaliland, it is the people that made it what it is today and it is the people that make one return year after year.

Truly a young nation beckons and the people look forward to your next visit. Remember this, a short trip for me to Cuba in the Caribbean is for you a short trip to the Seychelles, Mombasa or the Maldives, after visiting more of Somaliland.


Long Live Somaliland

Hassan Mohamed Abokor