Get used to know whatt Muse Biixi Cabdi can do and cannot do constitutionally.

What he can do:

* He can make amendment to laws passed by the parliament.
* He can represent the nation in talks with foreign countries.
* He can enforce the laws that parliament passes.
* He can act as Commander-in-Chief for army forces during a war.
• He can call out troops to protect the nation against an attack or invasion..
• He can create suggestions about things that might become new laws.
• He can invite foreign delegations to visit the country.
• He can grant pardons.
• He can nominate Cabinet members and Supreme Court Justices and other high officials.
• He can appoint ambassadors.
• He can talk directly to the people about problems.

What under any circumstance Muse Bihi Abdi cannot do:

• He cannot cede one inch of land, sea of the nation’s territory to a foreign country.
• He cannot make laws.
• He cannot declare war.
• He cannot decide how national revenues and resources are spent and utilized.
• He cannot make upulent wealth out of national treasury.
• He cannot interpret laws as he wishes.
• He cannot make treaties with foreign countries without parliament approval.
• He cannot operate outside the law.
• He cannot unilatatily “fix” something that is wrong in a law.

Every Somali sensible person should understand the act of ceding – giving up – land or sea to a foreign country had gone with the age of colonization.

Territories belonging historically to Somalis had been ceded or given up to Ethiopia and Kenya by the Colonizers without the consent of Somali people. It is totally impossible that again part of S/land territory be ceded to Ethiopia at this time and age.

Somaliland sovereignity is a taboo that no one can toutch or even talk about.

Jaamac Falaag

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