After Conservative party, on Wednesday urged Sunak to “ignore” the supreme court’s ruling and “just put the planes in the air now”.

The Ashfield MP put pressure on the prime minister to send asylum seekers to east Africa “the same day” they arrived in the UK despite the Rwanda policy being ruled unlawful.

Anderson said: “I think the British people have been very patient, I’ve been very patient, and now they’re demanding action. And this has sort of forced our hand a little bit now.

“My take is we should just put the planes in the air now and send them to Rwanda and show strength. It’s time for the government to show real leadership and send them back, same day.”

Jonathan Gullis, who like Anderson is a member of the New Conservatives grouping, said there was a range of options the government could consider, including physically pushing small boats back into French waters in the Channel.

Their demands have been brushed aside by Downing Street. A spokesperson said No 10 appreciated that “our MPs have strong views” on the Rwanda judgment when asked about Anderson’s suggestion.

“I think we appreciate that our MPs have strong views on this because, frankly, the country cares about this,” Sunak’s press secretary said.

Will it happen? Highly, highly unlikely.

Source The Guardian