Writen by Qaran News |

Ibrahim M Mead

Ottawa, Canada

Date: July 6, 2018


When emotions over rides strategic rational thought

No soul bears the burden of another { wala taziro waziraton wizra okhraa} that is Allah’s words. In another words Silanyo and Musa’s clans cannot bear the sin committed by the Kulmiye successive governments. Those ransacked and robbed the nation are a group of kulmiye administration and they alone are responsible for what they have done and not by their clans by extension. Their clans are the brothers and sister of the clan held their convention in “Gacan libaax” they died together, the survived together, they live in poverty together, and they live in not so poor together, in the Houd, in the country, in small towns and in cities. Again no soul bears the sin of another. That is said, what has happened in “Gacanlibaax” convention was unexpected, divisive and disparaging.

After one year of Siilanyo’s oligarch government I wrote an article entitled “Evolution of Siilanyoism” for seven years I have written over 46 articles critiquing the outlandish out of whack corruption and the ransacking of the country. NOT by a clan or clans though, but by Siilanyo’s mafia like swindlers.
In another article I characterized the moral-ealess Siilanyo administration as a crime scene. It was titled, “Kulmiye is a crime scene!” in another facet one+two = one In Kulmiye world! That means Kulmiye one and kulmiye two seem the same. Therefore, the “Gacan libaax” convention” by one of the highly respected Somaliland clans seemed missed the point, in my opinion.
They could attack the Kumiye successive administrations of what they have done to us {Somaliland} as a whole.
Attacking, antagonizing and implicating the two clans Sillanyo and Musa are from with all the mischief and woes Somaliland endured and the ransacking individuals of Kulmiye administrations committed was unfair and wrong. The eight point resolution from “Gacan libaax” convention did four probably unintended negative results at least on the optics side:
1- it gave a relieve and big laughter to Framago and Abdi Wali and the enemies of Somaliland everywhere in their 1st July celebrations!
2- It gave a shock and disbelieve, to Somaliland in a time the country is at war with Somalia
3- it undermined “Wadani Party as a viable popular, all people party! {I am a member of Wadani}
4- It diminished the trust between brotherly communities of Somaliland  

Sometimes, reason and rational are hijacked, by anger and emotions. In such circumstances anger is destructive and it derails the desired target. It’s as the emotional section of the brain and the rational part of the brain are not effectively communicating with each other. Whether emotions override reason or rationality is ill prepared to right the flow of emotion the end result is intolerant judgment
The inability to be realistic in our expectations makes all the difference between having feelings such as disappointment and sadness, and experiencing intense anger.
The intensity of anger and how it is expressed rests, in part, on the fact that some of the electorate know compromise is essential for a democracy–yet feel it shouldn’t be the case. And yet, maintaining this expectation is inconsistent with a functioning democratic government.   

Developing more realistic expectations in our daily lives, calls for pausing for reflection. It necessitates being aware of when we are too rigidly holding on to them in spite of a reality that reminds us they cannot be satisfied. It requires that we distinguish between what we really need and what we desire. And, all too often, it demands awareness of how anger can interfere with the willingness to engage in such reflection.

“Oh lord, make us not a trial for what our follies did/ do, and for what we the people do and not do. Our elected and not elected representatives sold the faith and trust they owe for Somaliland and for Allah. They sold their own solemn pledged word for a small price, for personal benefits.
Oh lord, save us from obstinate ignorance and the inability of not learning from our mistakes. We did it in 1960. We paid blood and treasure for that mistake. We are doing similar mistakes now and most of us are not conscious, for sure our leaders are not!
Oh lord we seek refuge from the oligarchies and from the ‘Gulwadayal’ oligarchies employ for their wicked end to destroy this country while they know not that they are doing just that
Oh lord, lead us to what is right and turn us away from what is wrong.
Oh lord, we seek your mercy. To deserve your mercy lead us to know the right thing from the sinful wrong things.
“Oh lord, in thee do we trust, and to thee do we turn in repentance: to thee is our final

However, unity, peace and prayers

Ibrahim M Mead