Writen by Qaran News |

Every president is like a man who built a building, giving it a solid structure and decorating it beautifully except for a single brick in one of its corners. People went around the building and admied it, but they all suddenly said: When would that missing brick be put in its place?

What position do Siilaanyo and Colonel Muse Biixi hold among Somaliland presidents? The situation gives us the following illustration.

Somaliland is made up of bricks, and each brick is a pillar in its own reality. Badhan is among the pillars that holds Somaliland together. It is the brick that makes the building of the country complete. Without it, Sonaliland will remain a lame duck and people will always feel the missing part.

Today the question is: Why Colonel Muse didn’t continue his presidential tour to Badhan? Doesn’t Badhan deserve to be toured? Or is it that Badhan is not part and parcel of Somaliland territory?

And where is Somaliland interior minister? What was he doing when Bugland president and his parliament were holding several provocating sessions in Badhan? Is he just a hero who majored in finding excuses when his stand looks like fear infused with one’s own characteristics?

Abdirahman Ahmed Ali liberated Somaliland from Siyad Barre regime. Mohamed Ibrahim Egal made law and order prevail. Dahir Riyaale made Somaliland grow little by little and tried to keep the country intact. Siilaanyo divided the nation and destroyed the system, and Muse Biixi pulled Badhan District, the undecorated brick, out of Somaliland territory. Is that too neat to be correct?

By: Jama Falaag
Hargeisa, Somaliland