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Somaliland politics, reduced to self-enrichment profession devoid of leadership accountability, is now brimming with peril. An immediate act of cause-driven tinkering is all that is needed.

Politics is a bundle of principles in quest of consistent checks and balances. In a governance context, politics is a human system that is prone to error and bitter degrees of bias. For this accountability is a decisive factor pertinent to the pursuit of excellence in the genteel atmosphere of human actions.

If there is accountability in Somaliland political system, Siilaanyo and his entire cabinet members cannot not go unpunished and remain wandering freely from one city to another in Somaliland. Even Kulmiye party could not survive without condemnation.

Political accountability is commonly considered as the strongest form of good governance that can control the motives and missions of every leadership and instill discipline into government activities.

The main reason for the failure of political accountability is the capture of Somaliland public institutions by the government and lack of public prompt reaction. The ability to demand political accountability and willingness to respond to calls for accountability is determined by the relations between the public say and government response.

The reason that this poor country is generally in disarray is that corruption is the glue of Somaliland politics. The effect of corruption over human mind has eliminated the distinction between intellectuality and ignorance. Both are now held together by individual opportunism, self-interest, which is why ignorance has always the upper hand in Somaliland political system.

Ideology is obviously not a differentiator. It makes intellectuals untenable even if they know that ideology is sustainable. This is true of all political moves where fresh surprising ideas, arithmetic, attention, and consideration become necessary.

If Kulmiye leadership does not just live and didn’t live for amassing opulent wealth, why they ususally fail to disseminate transparent government information pertinent to all that they do and how they do with public?

The issues that require transparency and accountability include government development projects, if there is any, and the method through which procurement and logistics deals are made and offered to the suppliers without official public bidding process.

What makes one want to look up all the more so is the failure by Somaliland current leadership to disclose the magnitude of government deficit that Siilaanyo administration left behind.

Obviously budget surplus and budget deficit are indicators of financial status of a government in a given year. Both cases are part of governmental system, and they are a noble information that should be shared with the people during the transfer of power from outgoing president to incoming one.

Remarkably Colonel Muse Biixi declined to disseminate with the public the amount of debt he inherited from Siilaanyo administration. Why? Is Somaliland state just a shop owned by two partners which is under the condition and confidentiality that its real financial status should remain secret?

Reliable sources estimate that the debt which Muse Biixi inherited from Siilaanyo is above eighty million. This begs many questions:Who are the lenders? How the debt has incurred? What compelled Colonel Muse Biixi to absorb the debt? Can Somaliland afford to pay such kind of money that has been simply written as a government debt but embezzelled by individuals? Why did the two Colonels cover up this huge debt? This cover up, if proved, is a crime committed against the state?

When integrity is lost, expedience appears. Expediency is the mere shadow of right and truth; it is the beginning of disorder.

Disorder does not only mean a situation in which there is a lot of noise, crime, and violent behavior. It means also a state of confusion, messy situation in which there is a lack of an organized, well connected system. It is when government officials run public offices as they want and use public property according to their own outlay and interest.

Tribalism is the best weapon of corrupt leaders, lying and deception their preferred strategy for it helps them escape through the ropes of Somaliland law spun by pseudo-law makers. When, occasionally, corrupt leaders work in the office they crave for the mantle of a jurisprudence created in favor for crooks who have abandoned civility.

When you look at the magnitude of greed, corruption, ritual bribery, exessive irregularity, and raketeering that is carried out with the express knowledge and sanction of our leaders, you really come to realize that Kulmiye’s number agenda is not to rule the country but to rob the nation’s meagre revenues and resources.

Unlike the other world, Somaliland has neither adopted a rule of law where evidence must be produced and confirmed, nor intending, when events are observed, to move itself towards that place.

We still have not secured rules for corruption. We have left the Lord’s absolute rule over crime and punishment behind. Gone are the days when public property theft was a criminal offence.

A willingness to enforce and obey rule of law has not even come to fulfilment. If corruption (theft) can be eliminated by lesser punishment, then the purpose is served. If civil cases can be judged by proof of evidence, then the purpose of justice is done.

Political corruption is not the only area in where reform has paused for intense debate. Our foreign policy is fraught disaster, our domestic policy is toxic, our economy is in peril, even Somaliland existence is imperilled.

Mental disorder is a disease. But it does not affect the afflicted, since they are unaware of their condition. Somaliland people cannot recognise the national disease:They are suffering from delusion and seem condemned to wander through courtrooms disguising humiliation with a false smile.

Perhaps there comes a time in the evening of life when the prospects of intellectuality at home sound a better option than meaningless ignorant speeches and activities inside and abroad.

By : Jama Falaag
Hargeisa, Somalilandm



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