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Kiswah Of The Kabah Raised Ahead Of Hajj


The cloth covering the K’abah known commonly as the Kiswah was raised and a white cloth depicting the Ihram was donned on the Kabah as well in preparations for the Hajj season.

Why is the Kiswah raised ahead of Hajj each year?

While the ceremony of raising the Kabah holds no religious significance itself, the ceremony boasts centuries of symbolism and in particular announcing to the world that Hajj season is approaching. Especially the donning of the White Cloth to symbolize the Ihram.

One of the other reasons often quoted is to prevent damage to the Kiswah due to large crowds present and to also protect the Kiswah from superstitious activities of some people who cut the Kiswah in the hope of some spiritual benefits and take it with them back to their countries

The annual Kiswah replacement ceremony is expected to take place on Muharram 1st, 1445.