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Words are utilitarian. They mean what they say, unless they sound what they mean.

What words mean always proceeds from human minds. But all humans never say words that sound what they mean. Rare are those who mark their words and make them turn into reality.

“Who can stop me? I rule as I want and rob Somaliland national resources as much as I can.” Do you know who said that?

It was Siilaanyo who said that. He ruled the country as he wanted and robbed public treasury as much as he could. He, then, at the end of his term, got out of the Somaliland presidential office and walked with a wide smile to his mansion in Hargeisa and is currently sunning himself at Berbera beach.

The impression that Siilaanyo’s smile gave was an offer of miserable dispise that very few of us understood. But even if some of us understood it, our understanding remains oversight.

Siilaanyo did not smile for he made public life more beautiful. He smiled for he amassed opulent wealth through illegal procedure. He smiled for he was well aware of the fact that no one would ran and raive after him. He just grew brave when no one stopped him from his dirty ruling behavior. And that was the real triumph that made him smile.

When myopia to rebel grips our mentality time and time again and crooks and criminals can become presidents, where would we go, what would we acquire, and whom would we identify as our adversary?

In this age, life is just all about how people educate themselves, discover where they are, find out who they are and what they stand for, react after events and spread the word to each other on their findings on how they’ve been broken up into weak and powerless pieces by the rule of thieves.

A substantial Somaliland achievement is that we have jettisoned the best from our past and retained, without any fuss, the worst. There is no ideology that we learnt from our past other than that of corruption and clannish rule.

Civilisation is not static. Civilisation means readjustment and adaptation. It means doing things in different ways and seeing things in different perspectives.

The present is a time of changes and challenges. Life is shifting from the old useless routines to the modern technical, from the sentimental to the mental, and from the speculative to the practical.

Of course, civilized societies celebrate victories, not faltering failures, unity, not disunity; ingenuity, not inherited identity; ability, not family prejudice; future possibility, not dead ancestry. Civilisation aspires to ensure that prejudices and biases from the past no longer remain the axis by which the societies are divided and ruled.

The good news is that Siilaanyo and his team of thieves have gone. They all went with a lot of loot unpunished — which means he who ever becomes Somaliland president would go with a loot and nobody will account them.

The bad news is that nothing has changed after Siilaanyo. The new administration is just an extension of the old Kulmiye government, with the same soul and body. The cycles of clannish rule and unrestrained political corruption are still operating.

A more intetesting question: What does “nothing has changed after Siilaanyo” mean to most of us since change is among the constants in democracy?

The political leadership changes that usually take place in Somaliland are changes in which only personalities are replaced with other personalities. Leadership change through elections or appointments, does not make any sense if it is not ideologically and honestly meant to improve public life, if it is not meant to sweep below the carpet and clean the existing system and correct all that has gone wrong.

One reason that people change incumbent president and elect new president is that they remember that the outgoing president made their life better and expect that the new one would make their life more beautiful.

What can the two Colonels look without any motive? Can their minds exist without any incentive, without any motive to follow? Because any motive is the outcome of a particular culture that is born out of a particular background. So, how can the minds of the two Colonels be free from the culture in which they have been brought up?

Of course the two Colonels are not free from Kulmiye political strategy since their minds have been reared and nurtured in the culture of Kulmiye party politics. Their policies, their plans, their myths, their motive, their mission, and all their endeavors are limited and linked to Kulmiye political culture, because they are still within the field of the conditioned politics.

Whatever efforts the Colonels make, whatever decisions they take, if not within the limits of that conditioned field, are really null and void. They cannot take any action or any decision that is outside the circle of the conditioned politics. How hard this closed and conditioned politics will badly affect Somaliland country is the question that is before the Colonels.

Ponder this presage. How long does it take to win a tribal war? A confrontation between the militia of warring tribes is conventional and comprehensible. It lasts as long as the powder becomes dry and the will of the militant to fight for the interests of his tribe can be sustained.

A war over resources begins in the mind, in the spirit and in the soul and it is easy to know when it starts, but when it descends to the street, it is difficult to know when it ends.

Muse Biixi has intentionally followed the foot steps of his political teacher, Mr Siilaanyo. He took over Somaliland presidential office with ideas. His ideas are not perceptive and prescriptive; but all are provocative and bellicose. Every idea works when it has a framework.

Provocation eroded the blueprint of political persuation. If persuation could change the past, it could mean something. If it could save the future, even more so. But no persuation arrives until the mind has already changed, making it historical tautology.

Government starts from the rule of law. But government becomes government when rule of law is fully enforced in letter and spirit, and the laws are equally applicable to all citizens. A nation building is only possible and workable when no one is above the law.

Conflict over the balance of power sharing equation is an issue that eventually makes history. How hard it hits the hearts of all is what cannot actually be taken lightly.

The standing conflict between Somaliland people that never dies always stems from power sharing equation. The road to equitable prosperity lay through jobs and enhancement of skills that could increase the earnings of unemployed.

There are obvious inequalities in incomes and opportunities. There are disparities and divides in distribution of national revenues and resources. And patience has given way to passion. Everyone is trying to outdo and overpower the other while staking claim to amenities and entitlements.

Muse Biixi has not yet tried to find the right language of how he could find solutions to the problems at home. Evidently he even declined to comment on the newly formation company called Somaliland Investment Company — which shows that he is not honestly ready to eliminate corruption.

The reason is: If Muse was tough, he became weak; if he was wise, he became unwise; if he was a man of guts; he became a man of mindless reluctancy — a coward who found himself standing between a rock and a hard place, to put the context on its proper pretext.

Statehood and human progress are only possible when people collectively work together and combine their efforts, ability, and skills and every community respects the interests of all other communities in all honesty and fairness.

The turning point in the process of growing up is when you discover the core of weakness within you that creates all hurt. The best way to heal wounds, is to find a way to move past the hurt. Honesty is the fastest way to prevent a mistake from turning into chaos.

The administration the two Colonels run is just like a child seeing the sky reflected in a puddle after rain, letting his foot touch the puddle, which at his touch will turn into a raging flood that will sweep him away.

The regularity in public service ills still remains the same. There is no equal access to all government offices. Every Minister and every officer uses the publics officc he sits in as his own home. Those who have free access to public offices are the ones who are famous and familiar with the official in charge.

The baby cow, namely the calf, retains very keenly how his mother cow used to chew the grass. The gathering of the harvest is going well and the two Colonels are counting the collected cases. Who will pay the price if Somaliland becomes history is what only time will tell.

By :Jama Falaag
Hargeisa — Somaliland