Lord Cameron ‘sympathetic’ to making surprise diplomatic move to fix Red Sea Houthi crisis
Foreign Secretary Lord Cameron has met with a senior Tory MP to discuss the formal recognition of a Somaliland as the Red Sea crisis escalates

Lord Cameron has had discussions about the UK seizing an historic opportunity to help tackle the Red Sea crisis with the Houthi terrorists.

It has come as the government is coming under pressure to end a 33-year diplomatic impasse and recognise the state of Somaliland, a former British protectorate which is claimed by neighbouring Somalia

The Daily Express has learnt that Lord Cameron has sat down with former Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson who has been a champion of the Somaliland cause as the Houthi crisis in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden has intensified.

Houthi terrorist attacks on shipping have threatened one of the world’s biggest trade routes and both the UK and US have been firing on Houthi targets in response.

Sir Gavin told the Daily Express that “there is enormous sympathy” for the recognition of Somaliland but “that now needs to translate into something positive”.

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