Historic U.S. Congressional Delegation Lands in Somaliland: A Strategic Move to Establish Military Base Amid Rising Chinese Influence.

A U.S. Congressional Delegation, facilitated by the Humpty Dumpty Institute (HDI) and the Global American Institute, has arrived in Somaliland. This visit is seen as a significant step in the United States’ efforts to strengthen its relationship with Somaliland. The delegation’s visit indicates a potential reassessment of American interests in the Horn of Africa and explores the possibility of establishing a U.S. military base in Berbara, Somaliland.

The delegation, which includes members of Congress and senior congressional staff, aim to enhance dialogue and advance U.S. strategic interests in the region. The presence of the HDI and the Global American Institute underscores the importance of this mission. The visit comes at a time when the geopolitical landscape of the Horn of Africa is rapidly evolving, with increasing Chinese influence and ongoing conflicts, such as the Houthi attacks on the Red Sea.

This initiative aligns with broader United States strategies to counteract Chinese expansion and reinforce its alliances in strategically significant regions. The establishment of a military base in Somaliland could offer the U.S. a crucial foothold in the Bab al-Mandab Strait, enhancing its ability to project power and ensure security in the Red Sea.

Source Inside Africa