Hargeisa (Qaran news ) – Somaliland’s House of Representatives has rejected the changes made by the Senate to the election law No. 91.

The council approved the electoral law by a majority vote , removing some of the changes they made to the Somaliland Senate, as reported on the council’s Facebook page

“It was approved by a large majority in Rule No. 91 as it was previously approved by the council, and the amendment was removed from the Senate, which was sitting by 71 MPs. It was approved by 69 MPs. He did not vote”.

The law will now go to the President of Somaliland, Muse Bihi Abdi, who has the final authority to implement the law.

The Senate has added to this rule that the parties must have one more vote , instead of the change that was removed by the House of Representatives today, the parties will now have to get 20% of the votes in all the regions to win.