3 facts of Masjid Namirah in Arafat-Makkah

Masjid Nimrah located in the plains of Arafat, Makkah is one of the most famous mosques as the Khutbah for Hajj is aired from there. Here are some facts about Masjid Namirah.

  1. Parts of Masjid Nimrah are out of Arafat

Some part of the Masjid Nimra is outside Arafat. This is because Prophet Muhammad ﷺ delivered a sermon at Wadi Urana which is outside the boundaries of Arafat. So naturally, when the mosque was built this fact was taken into account.

After the Masjid Namirah experienced extensions to house a large number of Muslims for salah, the Masjid was divided into two units. The first unit of Masjid Nimra is where the sermon was delivered i.e. outside the Arafat region while the second half rests inside the Arafat.

  1. Hajj is not performed by staying at Masjid Namirah

It is important to know that the first half or the front section of Masjid Nimra is outside the boundaries of Arafat and if anyone stays there after midday to sunset his virtue becomes invalid and makes his Hajj incomplete.

In other words, you need to enter the plains of Arafat at least once between midday and sunset to complete the fard of Hajj.

That is why there are many signboards placed inside Masjid Nimrah telling Hajj pilgrims to stay in the second half of the masjid or head towards the Arafat region after offering two prayers together.

  1. The last sermon of Prophet Muhammad

On the 9th of Dhul Hijjah in 10 AH, Prophet Muhammad ﷺ camped at Arafat and spelled out the last sermon at wadi Urana at the same place where we have Masjid Namirah today.

Here are a few points from the sermon which was delivered at the place where we have Masjid Nimrah in Makkah today.

  • The life of every Muslim is a sacred trust.
  • Indeed everyone shall meet Allah and Allah shall deal with him according to his deeds.
  • Return whatever goods to those who entrusted you.
  • Do not hold dealings that involve interest. Usury has been prohibited in Islam. One can get his capital back without earning interest on it.
  • The devil shall astray one from the right path, therefore, beware of his evils. He is hopeless for leading you towards the wrong path in major things, yet he shall plan you to fall in his evil through minor and small things.
  • Men have rights over their wives and so have women rights over their men. Be kind to women and treat them well if they give you all your due rights.
  • The five pillars of Islam were recalled.
  • Everyone is equal, there is no racism in Islam. The only Muslim superior is the one who is more pious.
  • All Muslims constitute a brotherhood.