Ali Waran-Adde praised the police force

Hargeisa (Qaran news) – Politician Ali Mohamed Warancade said that the police force is a very valuable institution and a major part of the country’s construction.

He also mentioned that the police forces are the basis for the safety of the community.

On the other hand, he pointed out that they are the ones who kill anyone who tries to disturb the security, and he underlined that the police officer believes that he is the one who sleeps in the society.

He advised the police to be kind to the community, respect them, and not harm those who are not causing trouble.
He said, “I come from a police family, my father was a policeman, and I joined the police when I was 17 years old.

The police is a very valuable institution and a major part of the nation building. It is the security force of the whole country and it is the companion of the people.
Today, our police are the ones who can be put to sleep, and whoever tries to do evil can be killed. The policeman is a man who has sacrificed his life for the country and the people. engraved, his forehead is the symbol of the army in Goodir, and people are forbidden to go with him, to touch his uniform is another serious crime, because of the immunity and sanctity of the soldier, and the people who do not cause problems, he should satisfy them well and spare them. It is not necessary, I say to the community, this man carries your nationality, he sacrificed his life for your safety.
Intelligence Ali