Professor Samatar’s words offered precise feedback and should be regarded as complimentary advice, but his manner of delivery was overly dramatic.

Despite his evident patriotism and love for Somaliland, his speeches often take on a teacher-student dynamic. He lacks an understanding of the local culture and how people receive criticism and feedback.

While he tends to categorize people he meets, putting them into different boxes and assuming some are beneath him, above all, he is a genuine person who loves his country. However, he needs to refine his perception of others.

As a nation, we should embrace criticism as constructive feedback. His remarks about the condition of Hargeisa’s roads were accurate, considering the budget constraints of the local government. Mayor Mogeh has done a brilliant job, but there is room for improvement.

Regarding international recognition for Somaliland, despite the government’s efforts over the past 30 years, we have missed numerous opportunities that could have led to recognition. The Somaliland Ministry of Foreign Affairs lacks senior diplomats and advisors who could elevate the ministry and provide training for the next generation of diplomats.

We need to be a nation that views criticism as feedback and is open to accepting recommendations and advice.

Hussain Alishaqi