The BBC’s Somali language radio station used to be a radio station of great value to Somaliland and Somalia.

I remember that at 5:30 in the afternoon we used to listen to the BBC’s Somali language radio station.

People used to go to the tea shop and their homes because of the quality news and programs and the reporters who talked about it and had good knowledge of what they were conveying.

Today, if you go to Hargeisa and the big cities of Somaliland, you will not see two people listening to the BBC radio station in Somali.

The Somali language branch of the bbc radio station has gone down a lot when it was transferred to the city of Nairobi.

It has completely lost the trust of its listeners in Somaliland.

They are involved in Somali politics and most of them are located in Kenya.

I would personally suggest to the BBC’s Somali language branch that the station be moved to Hargeisa in the capital.
Somaliland, the first place where Somalis gained their independence in 1960, is a peaceful place, and it is home to the first radio station that speaks Somali in the entire Horn of Africa.