Why Colonel Muse Biixi Does Not Want To Dismiss National Electoral Commission?

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Elections are just one aspect of what democracy demands, but the way they are conducted in most of the time becomes fairy tales with a lengthy and sometimes contentious twist that gives an indication of how likely our country is to face chaos and armed clashes. Election has a space for lost-and-found possibilities. What is… Read more »


An open letter to all concerned- Media, Opposition and the Government

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  Ibrahim Mead political analyst Ottawa, Canada Sunday, September 12, 2010 Note: As the date above shows this article was published in 2010; however, as the same situation repeated itself now in 2019, the author decided to republish the piece as it is relevant to what is happening now under K-2 administration as it was… Read more »


Somaliland: A Poet With British Citizenship Held In Police Custody

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Somaliland: A Poet With British Citizenship Held In Police Custody Hargeisa,(Qaran news)- A Poet, Abdirahman Ibrahim Adam, “Abees” who holds a British nationality has been in police custody over the past week in Hargeisa. Mr. “Abees”, who is a renowned poet recently gave a reading at Mansour Hotel in Hargeisa, in which, he severely criticized… Read more »


Somaliland: Genel Energy updates on Africa operations

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Genel Energy issued an update on its ongoing activities in Africa, specifically onshore Somaliland and offshore Morocco. In Somaliland on the SL-10-B/13 block, where Genel holds a 75% stake and is operator, the company completed seismic processing. The company said that analysis and interpretation is underway. Initial indications confirm Genel’s view that the block has… Read more »